The United States is not only a great tourist destination with majestic natural landscapes and beautiful architecture, but also is the birthplace of the world’s top fast food brands such as Subway, McDonald’s. , KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc. These are also the most attractive fast food restaurants in the US that tourists should visit while traveling here.

Therefore, at major sports events, fast food is also loved for its convenience. Gradually, in the long run, fast food becomes an indispensable part and can be considered a cultural feature at US stadiums.

Miller Park in Milwaukee, for example, specializes in hearty-looking traditional dishes.

Miller Park boasts beer and pork sausage dishes, this meat comes from Klement, has a very sweet taste, quite elegant.

In the yard Miller Park often performed the sausage race, the boys ran while holding the charms of famous sausage brands: Spanish hot sausages, American sandwiches, fried pork sausages, sausages. Finnish, Italian chain …

San Francisco’s most famous culinary baseball field is still AT&T Park. Scoreboard Plaza stretches with impressive restaurants, serving a variety of dishes: pepper soda, dried fish sandwiches, chicken rice, etc.

Crazy Crab stand at AT&T park creates memorable dishes, here is fresh Dungeness crab meat sandwiched between 2 slices of bread with Mayonnaise sauce, garlic and french fries.

When going to the Asian food stall at AT&T Park, beer is the first choice of customers.

Not only baseball fields follow the times, but food stalls also appear in Yankee Stadium, New York. People in line to buy things too crowded, right!

The chicken at Yankee Stadium is one of New York’s most popular dishes.

Every day, people line up waiting for beef cheese steak at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.

The main menu of Hit It Here Cafe in the Safeco Field, Seatle includes Caesar salad, grilled ribs, and sugar rice paper. These dishes are loved by fans.

Thanks to the thoughtful food service, fans enthusiastically cheer for their favorite team.