It also had a Mitsubishi video display panel hanging in the center, which was the largest HDTV screen in the world at the time of installation. Since then, it has been surpassed in size by the Panasonic “Big Hoss” video board (218 ft (66 m) wide and 94.6 ft (28.8 m) tall) at the Texas Motor Speedway.

The retractable roof was designed by structural engineering firm Walter P Moore and the system was by motorization consultants Uni-Systems. Cowboys Stadium’s retractable roof electrification was developed by VAHLE, Inc. [26] The basic principles of this Kinetic Architecture will be used to generate rapid transformations of the facility to accommodate a variety of events. When the official design was announced on December 12, 2006, it showed that, from inside the stadium, the canopy (the membrane installed by Dallas’s K Post Company) would look a lot like the roof of the stadium. Texas Stadium, with its signature perforation. However, it can be covered with a retractable canopy to protect from the elements.

The soccer field was built by Hellas Construction. They have developed a special SoftTop Convertible Pitch System that features 26 interchangeable panels to allow the stadium to host a variety of events from concerts to dirt bike tournaments. And monster trucks to college football, basketball and soccer matches.

Mayor Robert Cluck claims to use the famous land as a last resort but most of the properties refuse to sell to the city, which shows the incentive scheme is inappropriate according to Glenn Sodd, a lawyer. represents a number of homeowners in the area. Attorney Bob Cohen, who represents several property owners, says the city gives many of his clients little incentive to sell. He said he represents owners of several rental properties that are counting on that monthly revenue for retirement, and says most homeowners cannot afford to rebuild or buy in that area. with preferential package. An Arlington attorney has been quoted as saying that the mayor has sold out and the council is on the right track.

It is claimed that the stadium uses more electricity than the whole country of Liberia